If you’re an art collector, or belong to a Regional Gallery or other collecting institution, read on to see how I can best help you.

Providing services to the Blue Mountains, Western Sydney and regional New South Wales.

Services include:

KS art restoration

Free quotes

A free condition assessment and quote for your artwork is given when you visit the studio. You can book an appointment here.

Condition reports

A condition report with detailed photos records the current condition of your artwork. Before a valuable piece of art goes on loan, exhibition or to off-site storage it’s a good idea to get it condition reported.

painting cleaning

Full conservation treatments

A full treatment stabilises your painting as well as restoring the original appearance as closely as possible. To see some examples of full painting treatments visit the Gallery page, here

Restoration treatments can include:

  • cleaning of the painting surface;
  • removal of a darkened or deteriorated varnish and re-varnishing the painting;
  • repairing a torn canvas or holes in the canvas;
  • flattening deformations in the canvas or board;
  • removing old repairs and overpaints that are deteriorating;
  • securing and laying down flaking paint; and
  • retouching paint losses and damages.

Stabilisation treatments

Partial conservation treatments focusing on stabilisation of the artwork are also possible sometimes. These ensure the preservation of the artwork, so it may be further restored at a later date.

Preventive treatments

Sometimes it’s appropriate or recommended to undertake minor treatments that’ll prevent damage or decay from occurring in the future.

Collection assessments and Preservation Needs Assessments

Assessments or surveys of your whole art collection can be undertaken, including paintings, works on paper, objects and sculptures. For Regional Galleries and art societies, a Preservation Needs Assessment can also be done.

Documentation and inventorising your art collection

I have experience in documenting and creating detailed inventories of art collections.

Small maritime painting before treatment

Painting after light cleaning and varnishing

To see more examples of art restoration work, go to the Gallery page.

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